The centre aims to:

  • Act as a focus for development of new techniques for mapping and visualising landscape.
  • Foster an increased dialogue between the study of real historical landscapes and imagined historical landscapes.
  • Give fresh attention to the importance of the past in understanding landscape.

Particularly important cross-disciplinary themes for the centre include:

  • Conflict landscape studies.
  • Memory and landscape.
  • Religious uses of landscape.
  • Landscapes of myth.
  • Aesthetics of landscape and landscape viewing.
  • Recording and representing landscapes.
  • Environment and the natural world.
  • Landscapes of the past shaping the future.
  • Reconstructing landscapes.

The centre is based at the School of Classics, and it counts among its members and collaborators scholars based in the Schools of Art HistoryGeography and Geosciences, and the Department of Film Studies.

The centre is coordinated by a committee, with a director (Professor Rebecca Sweetman, Classics), an assistant director (Professor Jason Konig, Classics), representatives of the School of Film Studies (Dr Lucy Fife Donaldson), History (Dr Bernhard Struck) and Art History (Dr Karen Brown), and an outreach officer (Dr. Crystal Addey, Classics).

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