Previous events

Exhibition: ‘Through a glass darkly: perceptions of artefact, art and context: exhibition and events’: 29-30 April, 17 June – 18 September 2016 (MUSA Learning Loft) (Leventis Funded)

18 November  2016: ‘Landscape approaches and settlement archaeology in post-Roman central Greece’
Inaugural Lecture of the Centre for Landscape studies
Dr Athanasios Vionis, Associate Professor, University of Cyprus.

25-27 May 2017: ‘Landscapes of Movement
Organised by Rebecca Sweetman & Erica Morais Angliker.

8-9 June 2017: ‘Mountains in Antiquity’
Organised by Jason König and Nikoletta Manioti.

8 November 2017: “Mythic Topographies in the Periegesis of Pausanias”
Professor Bill Hutton (William & Mary)
2pm in S11, School of Classics
This lecture was part of the academic exchange between the University of St Andrews and the College of William and Mary, stemming from the BA International Honours degree programme.

16-17 November 2017: Cultivating Perspectives on Landscape
Organised by Chloe Bray, Anahit Behrooz, Laura Donkers

17 November  2017: Annual Lecture of the Centre for Landscape studies
‘Lively Nature’
Dr Katharine Earnshaw (Exeter).
4:05 pm, School V, St Salvator’s Quad, University of St Andrews

External events

 22nd Nov 2016, 7pm School 1: Screening of Pathfinder (1987) followed by panel discussion.

Thursday 9th November 2017: Into the Mountain: A Life of Nan Shepherd in St Andrews

Wednesday 15th November 2017: Alistair Moffat with The Hidden Ways in St Andrews

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